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German Helles


In terms of aroma and flavor, German Helles exhibits a delicate balance between malty sweetness and hop bitterness. The malt flavors are often described as bready, with hints of biscuit, honey, or light caramel notes. The hops contribute a mild spiciness or floral character, adding complexity to the beer without dominating the overall taste.

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German Helles, also known simply as “Helles,” is a classic beer style that originated in Germany. “Helles” translates to “bright” or “pale” in German, referring to the beer’s light and golden appearance. It is a popular beer style within Bavaria, particularly Munich.

Helles is a lager that is known for its balance, mildness, and drinkability. It is lighter in color and flavor compared to other German lagers such as Märzen or Dunkel. Helles is brewed using pale malts, which give it a clean, crisp, and slightly sweet malt character. The hops used are typically of the noble variety, providing a subtle and balanced bitterness without overpowering the malt profile.

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12 oz – Regular Beer, 16 oz – Pint of Beer, 22 oz – Larger Beer


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