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Dark Ale


Dark Ales are often enjoyed during colder months or as comforting beers for those who appreciate the depth and complexity of malt flavors. They can be paired with a range of foods, including roasted meats, stews, hearty cheeses, and chocolate-based desserts.

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Dark Ale is a broad category of beer that encompasses a range of styles known for their deep, dark color and rich malt flavors. These beers are often characterized by their robust, malt-forward profiles with varying degrees of sweetness, roasted notes, and a moderate to full-bodied mouthfeel.

  • English Dark Mild: This style is known for its low alcohol content, mild bitterness, and a focus on the malt flavors. It typically offers a balance of caramel, toffee, and biscuit notes with a relatively low hop presence.
  • English Brown Ale: Brown Ales are slightly stronger than Dark Milds and feature a more pronounced malt character. They can display a range of flavors, such as nutty, caramel, chocolate, and toasted bread, often accompanied by a moderate hop bitterness.

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12 oz – Regular Beer, 16 oz – Pint of Beer, 22 oz – Larger Beer


18% ABV, 25% ABV, 30% ABV


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